Here we are in the middle of june 2015, more and more people on the Santiago historical streets. Students on their way to their exams, cruiseship tourists led by tour guides and pilgrims. Excitement everywhere.

        I am so excited to visit for the second time the great WTM in London! A great occasion to know present customers and potential ones in a global venue.Besides, at Galicia stand EM1300  you will have the chance to get all the info concerning your future plans to visit our beautiful

Summer is already a memory..lots of them really! It looks like millions of visitors strolled around Spain this summer and fresh in my mind I still have the great moments from the french and swiss groups in may, the nice people I met during the ship cruises Tours from every corner of the world..They arrived

I could start writing words and more words about how cool it is a visit to Cape Finisterre here in Galicia, after arriving to Santiago de Compostela (less than a couple of hours distance), but these few seconds of images can give you –  along with the music – the atmosphere  that you may get when you