This is how artist expressed their art too. Glasses and grins to welcome us in the church of San Martin in Noia. This town is part of the Guided Tour to Finisterre at just 30 km from Santiago de Compostela!

It looked like everything went ok after all the provoked fires in summer in the Finisterre..that nature acted in this occasion.
During a heavy storm lightning caused fire in the A Barca sanctuary in Muxia. An incredible place in an incredible venue in front of the Atlantic ocean.
The images show a pic I shot last summer and one of today tv news showing the disaster.

A relaxing image to start the day after a good breakfast in Santiago de Compostela. This nice pond is in front of the Auditorio de Galicia – concery hall – and the quite new NH hotel, at 10 minutes from the historical area.

        I am so excited to visit for the second time the great WTM in London! A great occasion to know present customers and potential ones in a global venue.Besides, at Galicia stand EM1300  you will have the chance to get all the info concerning your future plans to visit our beautiful

Summer is already a memory..lots of them really! It looks like millions of visitors strolled around Spain this summer and fresh in my mind I still have the great moments from the french and swiss groups in may, the nice people I met during the ship cruises Tours from every corner of the world..They arrived

    I was looking for someone who could express in some way what travelling means for me; the decision, the tickets on your hands, the  excitement of the hours before the trip…and I found this quote from ‘The Gentleman in the Parlour’ by one of my favourite writers, William Somerset Maugham. ‘I travel because

The video(in spanish) uploaded by galician V Television opens the debate about the number of visitors that each day come to As Catedrais beach in high season..up to 6000 each day. The fact of being this year chosen by Tripadvisor customers as the most beautiful spanish beach will contribute even more on this open  issue.

Well, it looks like the new season in tourism terms wants to start! Before Easter arrives, Galicia this weekend has fantastic events a.ssociated with America being discovered History, Quality Traditional Food created by galician cows  and Camellia flowers arrived here from Japan 200 years ago..