Picasso and his days in Coruna
Picasso in Coruna
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Thanks to a friend of mine, Jesus Martinez, I have really enjoyed the experience to show some visitors the history of Pablo Picasso in Coruna, from 1891 to 1895.Some may think that at nine years old a boy may not have clear his ideas about his life and life, but here we go..

Pablo became Picasso after his Coruna days. The art that was inside  gave him the chance in this town to be developped mixed with the life of a kid; friends playing in the playground destined to become Pontevedra square, An image captured curiously by one famous writer Emilia Pardo Bazán.

His very first exhibition was made in the Calle Real street, curiously but not su unusual, in a furniture store. most of his works were centered on people he saw in the streets; beggars. old men and even the Tower of Hercules but one stands out: La chica de los pies descalzos; The Barefoot Girl.

Picasso in Coruna
Picasso in Coruna

The promenade I take show people the fundamental places in hus Coruna days such as the house of the one who was a big reference in art to him; the pharmacist Gumersindo Pardo Regueira; the alleys near his house, the Plaza de Pontevedra..even the place where one photographer could photograph his sister Lola.

In the end, the house where the family lived for four years; doves painted, rain that crashes against the window and that made his father José Ruiz so blue ,  and a certain nostalgia that spreads but with a sensation to be part of the history for some minutes.

Coruna, a town to rediscover for sure.

Italo Pendola
Italo Pendola

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