Which is my Camino de Santiago?
a photo from the Camino Frances
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As part of the programme Aqui Galicia centered this week on the Camino de Santiago walked by galician artists Lucia Pérez and Tonhito de Poi there is a 2 hours show. During the event I talk from different spots about the Camino de Santiago throughout the centuries. No doubt that the French Camino is the most popular, but other trails start from different places, making of this a unique experience. The Camino Primitivo got that name being the first officially walked by the King Of Asturias Alfonso II el Casto right after the tomb of Saint James was discovered in the IX century.
The English way has a taste of sea being the one taken for centuries by pilgrims coming from the North of Europe; England, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia. We can’t forget the Via de la Plata that started thanks to a roman route from Seville. From Zamora it has two options; heading towards León and being part pf the French way, or choosing the option Portugal to reach Santiago.

The link below is the CRTVG Galician tv program Aqui Galicia. In the minute 20.20 you can see my repor

Aquí Galicia

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Hola! My name is Italo and I live and work in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, as Professional Tour Guide in this fascinating region in the North West of Spain. With my wife Angeles Rodriguez we made a team to share with you an unique experience.


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