(English) Tourism, Galicia and Music Festivals
Pop Festivals and Music Tourism
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Summer is round the corner and although it’s definitely not something new, I find pretty..fascinating how Pop Music Festivals these days are helping particularly new bands to become popular after the streaming help (yes, they do help) of streaming companies like Spotify and Itunes. And giving benefits to Tourism industry too.



I have to admit that I have enjoyed pop music since the early 80’s when you just could get what dj’s brought to us on the radio. We recorded hopefully on tapes what we heard and maybe we could buy the vinyl. Concerts were something far from us in Genoa province.

But these days all is becoming possible for the Millenials and more. You can check and listen to everyday new music online, eventually buy it in sites like Bandcamp, get to contact them by Twitter and get info about their playing live somewhere in the world. Yes, yes..I know. What’s new. Well, these days let’s admit it..less and less people buy music. But people are ready to pay eighty euros or more to enjoy their favourite band live. Where? These days with low-cost companies you can be in 2 hours flight in London, Paris or Milan from almost every european corner. For us in the eighties it was about taking a 2 hours train to Milan, concert and hopefully coming back home late late at night. A new tourism – Music Tourism– thanks to new means these days is possible. A plane, the concert, a hotel or pension..maybe a visit of the town the day after..and back home. Festivals are making it even longer; camping, by the beach or not and for many the chance to even discover new places. I guess Badajoz wasn’t in my plans – please don’t be offended people from Badajoz – until the Pet Shop Boys played live at the Contempopranea Festival back in 2015. I was at he elegent Royal Albert Hall in Londo for The Cure.. But I also went toVigo’s Radar Studios for new british band Ten Fe gig. People on the move! I think the debate that could be started is actually if government support should exist in these events. In my opinion in areas like Galicia this makes sense. for now at least. Like a baby who starts walking, he needs some help to succeed to do it on his own. O Son Do Camiño just on private companies support is a great idea for the future.. Areas like the soon to become Unesco World Heritage Site –Ribeira Sacra – need this support and recent creation 17º Festival Ribeira Sacra definitely contribute. . Nothing like making popular what it’s definitely a natural jewel. And of course that is related with the Illa de Arousa Atlantic Fest too. From the moment you make music, you want it to be heard. When you have a stunning region for its Nature, Art and History like Galicia, you want it to be discovered. Is there something wrong with it? Let’s enjoy music, let’s share the beauties of Galicia with the world.

O son do Camiño is in Santiago de Compostela on june 27-29th, 2018

Atlantic Fest in Illa de Arousa (Pontevedra) july 20-22nd, 2018

17 Ribeira Sacra Festival ( Monforte de Lemos and other towns of the area) july 27-29th, 2018


This article was originally published on Linkedin, march 26th 2018

Tourism, Galicia and Music Festivals



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