These are images that resumes summer round here..
This is the view from Combarro’s restaurant Alvarinas as part of the Food and Wine tour I propose you.
In the picture food and wine were on their way..! Rice with seafood and scallops!

Spring has arrived to Santiago de Compostela! I sort of..Instagrammed images, and sensations on a sunday of may 2013 in this fascinating town of Galicia. Enjoy! The new season has really started and it shows in Santiago de Compostela streets; people everywhere; some of them pilgrims freshly arrived and meeting with enthusiasm in the streets

Well, it looks like the new season in tourism terms wants to start! Before Easter arrives, Galicia this weekend has fantastic events a.ssociated with America being discovered History, Quality Traditional Food created by galician cows  and Camellia flowers arrived here from Japan 200 years ago..