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The Santiago de Compostela Private Guided Tour will give you the chance to walk and feel history in every corner; Santiago de Compostela is considered along with Rome and Jerusalem as one of the capitals of Christianism due to the presence of the tomb of the Apostle Saint James the Great.

I will share with you the fascinating stories of kings, archbishops and foreiners that made of this a jewel of Spain. An exciting town with positive energy of just arrived pilgrims, tourists and students of its renaissance University, with its 500 years old courtyard

Visiting the museum/hotel  of The Hostal of the Catholic Kings will give you the chance to see where the pilgrims were given hospitality for centuries in the building that is these days one of the oldest Hotel in the world!

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We will walk through its alleys and cobbled streets, imagining for a moment to be back 500 years ago while people go on with their traditional activities; guilds like the silversmiths or jetsmiths are still there as part of the scene in Platerias Square, Azabacheria Street; restaurateurs historically established in the Franco Street; the ideal panoramic from the Alameda park. The fascinating squares around the Cathedral; Quintana de Mortos and Obradoiro will tell you the greatness of Compostela.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Obradoiro Square or Hotel lobby
DEPARTURE TIME From 8.00 AM (summer) 9.30 AM (winter)
DURATION 3 hours
WEAR Informal, comfortable shoes. For Cathedral visit slightly formal
Walking Tour in the historical town
 Free tours for kids under 12

In morning weekdays tour we will visit the traditional market – Plaza de Abastos –  with its traders –  in many occasions  producers, harvesters, butchers and fishmongers selling their fresh vegetables, fruit, local cheeses,  fresh sea fruits from the Rías.

A big variety of atlantic ocean fishes, salt fish, poultry, fruit, meat. Plaza de Abastos will give us the chance to see how it provides from private clients up  to important chefs of local restaurants as part of this sort of human, lively galician showcase.

Plaza de Abastos market

History, legends and myths meeting in Santiago will make of this an unforgettable experience!

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Dal nostro punto di incontro, visiteremo le piazze principali – Obradoiro, Platerías, Quintana e Cervantes – con le strade più interessanti per tradizione e storia; Rua do Vilar con i suoi negozi, Rúa do Franco con i suoi ristoranti e Rúa Nova, la più bohémien. Da martedì a sabato visitiamo La Plaza de Abastos, il mercato locale della città.

Abbiamo la massima libertà su questo percorso personalizzato in modo da poter finire vicino al tuo hotel, in un luogo o al tuo ristorante o bar di tapas.

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Facade of Santiago de Compostela cathedral in Obradoiro square
Detail from the Platerias square facade
Facade of Santiago de Compostela cathedral in Obradoiro square