(English) Pop Music Festivals are helping fans to know the bands they discovered on Spotify or i-Tunes. And Music Tourism is a popular reality worlwide

Always a good time on the way to Finisterre; last sunday during the excursion we stopped in one of my favourite spots on the way: Ancoradoiro beach. The sun was shining high and some of us couldn’t help but walking over the soft white sand! Ancoradoiro

Memorable article about the Finisterre Tour I had the pleasure to share with friend blogger Gigi Ragland as part of the Viator blog. Going to the end of the earth from the Camino de Santiago For more information on the Finisterre End of The Earth customized Tour  contact me to italopendola@gmail.com or call/text +34667435981

This is how artist expressed their art too. Glasses and grins to welcome us in the church of San Martin in Noia. This town is part of the Guided Tour to Finisterre at just 30 km from Santiago de Compostela!