About Pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela, Sicilian food, Botafumeiro and Yellow Umbrellas
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Spring has arrived to Santiago de Compostela! I sort of..Instagrammed images, and sensations on a sunday of may 2013 in this fascinating town of Galicia. Enjoy!

The new season has really started and it shows in Santiago de Compostela streets; people everywhere; some of them pilgrims freshly arrived and meeting with enthusiasm in the streets and in the Obradoiro Square;  others weekend visitors. All of them  enjoying a sunny Sunday morning with their families before a typical sea food lunch in the Franco street – the most popular even if I would add the Rúa da Raiña as well.. And the locals of course, already in the habit of watching this number of people arriving more and more each year to this Christian European corner.

It’s always a pleasure for me to show them and to walk through history telling tales related with the town and the region; we go from symbols, to

Sicilia In Bocca
Sicilia In Bocca

local wine and great food, to the life in Santiago in general. Who lives in this old part of town some ask me..where can they get some good restaurant…In that sense the offer is big and from time to time you discover new places that have just opened. I discovered this morning a new Italian takeaway – Sicilia in Bocca, Rúa das Orfas 24 –  which is mainly dedicated  to Sicilian gastronomy! Why not? We are becoming more and more international and enjoying an Arancina in the alleys of Santiago can be a real experience!

Along with that,  I was providing the English Tour morning visit of Sunday morning tht starts  from Platerias Square at 12 (for just 12 €/person, recognizable for the yellow umbrella); in this occasion I described the town to nice people coming from Texas and Canada. We have been lucky too to be able to contemplate the Botafumeiro swinging  (here is the video I shot)– the traditional 60 kilos heavy censer – at the Pilgrims mass. A tradition that exists since medieval days. The quite strong smell of pilgrims sleeping in the Cathedral until XVI century made the air quite..heavy and that tradition was a good help, for sure! Now it has become more an exciting show with all the people – yes, today like me – filming and taking pictures to fastly send them  through instagram or facebook.  We went out from the church with a special feeling. We knew that we had participated to a very special event, something that reaches the soul of pilgrims arriving from every corner of the world.

The Botafumeiro swinging.

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Italo Pendola
Hola! My name is Italo and I live and work in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, as Professional Tour Guide in this fascinating region in the North West of Spain. With my wife Angeles Rodriguez we made a team to share with you an unique experience.


lundi 13 mai 2013
I did not know this pizzeria and that I live in Santiago and I have my store nearby ... I'll try and I'll tell you about the experience of Sicilian food
lundi 13 mai 2013
I think I will start with Arancini. One of these days!

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