(English) The Atlantic Route of the Lighthouses in Galicia
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The Atlantic Route of the Lighthouses known here in Spain as El Camino de los Faros is a brand new entry in our services offered for 2018 in Galicia! It’s a unique chance to hike in the middle of natural spaces  starting from little fishermen villages, sandy beaches, hills, close to cliffs or huge rovks over the wide ocean by the European atlantic coast.

Images shot by me last year.  Video thanks to O Camiño dos Faros association

Starting traditionally from fishermen village Malpica and ending in famous roman founded Land’s End the Finisterre, t his route was actually born not many years ago by the wish of a group of locals to share this beauty with as much people they could.

The Route that we propose goes beyond traditional hiking experiences..here we have stories of shipwrecks and the greatness of nature mixed with myth in an area not by chance called The Coast of Death. Sailors lost and lose their lives but also the sun dies every night in these ocean waters and has impressed human beings for 2000 years or more..



Everytime I go there’s something that capture me…the wind..the big skies in front of us..and that ocean sometimes angry..sometimes sad..sometimes simply indifferent to our presence..

Seagulls witness our presence as we walk through stones that look like hand made…

The white sand from the distance looks like a mirage..but is not..as we walk over it..sometimes feeling even the cold ocean in our feet..More details to come.

Share with us these moments..you will not regret it.

Routes we offer are based on a 5 days trekking experience of 12 miles per dayfrom Malpica to Finisterre with transfers from and to Santiago and accommodation.

Ask me for your customized experience!  From april 1st to September 30th 2018.


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Italo Pendola
Hola! My name is Italo and I live and work in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, as Professional Tour Guide in this fascinating region in the North West of Spain. With my wife Angeles Rodriguez we made a team to share with you an unique experience.


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