Would you pay to contemplate the As Catedrais beach in Galicia?
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As Catedrais beach
As Catedrais beach

The video(in spanish) uploaded by galician V Television opens the debate about the number of visitors that each day come to As Catedrais beach in high season..up to 6000 each day. The fact of being this year chosen by Tripadvisor customers as the most beautiful spanish beach will contribute even more on this open  issue. The local government wants to preserve it from damages and a possible fare in the next future is on debate.

As Catedrais beach

I organize weekly day trips to As Catedrais Beach, Mondoñedo and Ribadeo in july and august from Santiago de Compostela.

contact me at italopendola@gmail.com

Thanx for the pictures to ondonedo.org and José Miguel Martinez

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Italo Pendola
Hola! My name is Italo and I live and work in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, as Professional Tour Guide in this fascinating region in the North West of Spain. With my wife Angeles Rodriguez we made a team to share with you an unique experience.


21 de marzo de 2013
I love As Catedrais and Mondoñedo. And I don't think you can charge people for going onto the beach! 6000 is not that many after all.
21 de marzo de 2013
In Italy actually you do pay for much more less! :-) But the problem is that, like in many other cases, city councils are abandoned in economical terms to protect these fabulous places. :-(

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