Time for an Albarino, the most popular young white wine in Spain
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Since the XII century some say french monks brought vine to the southern part of Galicia, creating this great and more and more pupular wine, the Appelation of Origin, Rias Baixas, made at least with 70% of Albarino grape. Others say it has always been from here..The debate is open! I deeply recommend a taste of this wine to suprise your friends; brands such as Martin Codax or the delicious Paco &Lola are distributed almost worldwide. Less known but exciting as well – there’s so much to taste believe that I just discovered this one in august this year in Baiona –   the peculiar blue bottle of the Mar de Ons Albarino. All of them with some spanish iberico ham, manchego cheese or seafood will pair perfectly!

As you can see from the picture I made this last september, it’s a very tiny grape. The process of harvest itself being made traditionally by hand and a system of cultivation made through parras built over granit columns makes of this wine the most expensive young white wine in Spain. You need lot of this grape to create a bottle!Even if it’s very easy that you will find in your specialized wine stores the 2011 production, don’t have any doubt that harvest from 2009 and 2010 have been very good as well! The area in which it’s mainly produced is the Salnes Valley, belonging to the Pontevedra province. You can easily reach it from the Vigo international airport  or  Santiago de Compostela  one and finding the time to visit the elegant Cambados,  historically considered as the capital of the Albarino wine. August gives you the chance to taste the best of the Rias Baixas cellars in the Fiesta del Albariño. A very special celebration developped in the Cambados alameda gardens. Throughout the year though you may decide to visit on your own the cellars through the attractive Rias Baixas cellars wine  route. it’s a very good option.There’s plenty of them but there’s one in particular that I like, Pazo a Capitana,  a XVI century building, recently transformed in a pleasant rural hotel but with the comfortability of being in the center of Cambados and the amability of Susa and Pilar. They will show us the limited edition Albarino they produce – around thirty thousand bottles a year –  and..who knows..some of their fantastic home made coffee liqueur. Salud!

For more info on a guided visit of the area just contact me.


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