La visita guiada Privada de la Catedral de Santiago y su Museo 2021 es la nueva experiencia que te ofrece, añadiendose al Tour urbano por la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela.  Este 2021 se celebra en esta ciudad el Año Santo en el que cientos de miles de peregrinos y turistas acuden

Summer is already a memory..lots of them really! It looks like millions of visitors strolled around Spain this summer and fresh in my mind I still have the great moments from the french and swiss groups in may, the nice people I met during the ship cruises Tours from every corner of the world..They arrived

Spring has arrived to Santiago de Compostela! I sort of..Instagrammed images, and sensations on a sunday of may 2013 in this fascinating town of Galicia. Enjoy! The new season has really started and it shows in Santiago de Compostela streets; people everywhere; some of them pilgrims freshly arrived and meeting with enthusiasm in the streets