He titulado este post El Gallego Cristóbal Colón ya que durante muchos años en nuestras Visitas Guiadas por Pontevedra y Rías Baixas hacemos referencia al origen tan controvertido de este personaje universal. Seguro que muchos amigos lectores dan por asumido que Cristóbal Colón sea Genovés. Yo mismo pasé muchas veces por delante de la que

These are images that resumes summer round here..
This is the view from Combarro’s restaurant Alvarinas as part of the Food and Wine tour I propose you.
In the picture food and wine were on their way..! Rice with seafood and scallops!

Since the XII century some say french monks brought vine to the southern part of Galicia, creating this great and more and more pupular wine, the Appelation of Origin, Rias Baixas, made at least with 70% of Albarino grape. Others say it has always been from here..The debate is open! I deeply recommend a taste

Hola! My name is Italo and I’ve been living in Galicia since 1994..when I moved from Italy.Quite a long time! Throughout these years I discovered and – believe me- keep on discovering this fascinating region of Spain. It’s no surprise for me to start by showing you a very relaxing image from a balcony in