FIESTA TIME IN GALICIA! Bayona, Arzúa and Pontevedra
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Well, it looks like the new season in tourism terms wants to start! Before Easter arrives, Galicia this weekend has fantastic events a.ssociated with America being discovered History, Quality Traditional Food created by galician cows  and Camellia flowers arrived here from Japan 200 years ago..

In Baiona, an attractive coastal town in southern Galicia, they celebrate annually at this time of the year the Arribada – the Arrival.

Arribada in Bayona

in 1493 the caravel Pinta, arrived to this village back from America, spreading all around Europe, from here, the news that a new continent was discovered. So locals and more and more people from other areas come to Baiona to enjoy medieval shows of falconry, archery, a market and a very particular recreated atmosphere of those times, with people dressed in medieval clothes.

Official Website of the Arribada

I love this 2010 poster edition!

In Arzúa, in Pontevedra province, celebration is about maybe the most famous cheese from Galicia, the Appelation of Origin Arzúa Ulloa cheese. 40 thousands fans and more will be there for the 38 edition of the Festa do Queixo  enjoying this great food along with some local home made honey as well. Honey and quince are infact ideal to be tasted with this cheese.  Shows and events will culminate with galician traditional music artist Cristina Pato on sunday evening.

Official Website of the Festa do Queixo


Pazo de Rubianes, Pontevedra

Pontevedra instead this weekend will host the 49 edition of the Camellia Contest, choosing among all the local producers the best one. The exhibition will develop in an historical building of the Museum of Pontevedra, the edificio Sarmiento. More and more visitors are attracted by these wonderful gardens spread in the region. Some of them in particular are part of a recent project called the ‘Route of the Camellia’. This gives you the chance to know from close the public and some private ones where Camellia has been there for around 200 years, with a very big number of varieties. I particulalrly like the gardens of the palace  Pazo de Rubianes, that looks like it’s going to be part in 2014 in the ‘club’ of the World Gardens of Excellence.

My pictures of Pazo de Rubianes 

Camellia  Pontevedra Official website

Have a nice weekend!

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