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The Coruña of Picasso for many visitors is a town to discover in its different expressions; the beach, its art-deco buildings, its roman past..But, something that many do not know is the fact that Pablo Picasso lived and started his career as a worldwide known painter in this town back in 1891.

His family moved from Malaga – a sunny town in Andalusia in southern Spain – to  Corunna back in 1891. José Ruiz – his father – had achieved an important responsibility in the  Eusebio da Guarda brand new local School of Arts,

It is in these streets that Pablo Picasso – by then still Pablo Ruíz –  created his very first portraits of beggars,old men and street life. it is here where he made his first friends and even had his teenage love.

In this Private Tour we will visit along with the late XIX century streets – Calle Real, Cantones and Plaza de Lugo – the most famous spots associated to the Artist, walking in the alleys and roads that he saw and culminating at the

Do join me in this experience that always has some nice surprise.


where he and his family lived until 1895, these days a museum.

RETURN TIME 2 hours from departure
WEAR Comfortable clothing, jacket and sunscreen.

Visit to the Picasso House Museum


Food, Drinks, Tapas

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After leaving the Coruña Port area, we start the walking tour from Maria Pita , famous city hall square. We walk through the Coruña late XIX century commercial streets  like Calle Real , where in 1895 Picasso had his very first paintings exposed.  Few meters more and we see the still existing pharmacy where Pablo Picasso used to go because one of his friends live in the first floor. Some say that the plaque remembering british General John moore was an inspiration for him to travel to London. He then chose Paris.

Plaza de Lugo square give us the chance on weekdays to enter in the lively local traditional food market.

Not far, in Payo Gómez street, we reach the Picasso house Museum. 

After a visit that will reveal more stories about the Picasso family in Coruña, we will go back to the port area.

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celebration in Maria Pita square in Coruña
The Picasso Tour passes by main Maria Pita square