Guided Tour Santiago de Compostela Italo Pendola
Santiago Cathedral
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Guided Tour Santiago de Compostela Italo Pendola:



Here I am in one of the Private Guided Tours in Santiago de Compostela The Tour develops in the area that sorrounds the huge medieval Cathedral. in its main square we will see pilgrims arriving from The Camino de Santiago; a pilgrimage that started more than 1000 years ago. The purpose? Visiting the place where Saint James the Great Apostle was buried. The pilgrimage has been made for centuries as a penitence although people may come walking, on a horse or over carriages. All depended on the way you faced the once even dangerous trip. Bandoleros assaulted  pilgrims while these days we may be forced to stop mainly attracted by welcoming coffee bars on the way.

Streets like Rua Nova, Vilar or Franco as well as sqaures like Quintana or Cervantes are part of the attractions the town offer us. Freom the Alameda park instead we will have the best views of the old town. Stories about the town and its people and monuments will be part of our Private Walking Tour.

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Hola! My name is Italo and I live and work in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, as Professional Tour Guide in this fascinating region in the North West of Spain. With my wife Angeles Rodriguez we made a team to share with you an unique experience.


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