Fascinating Muxia And Finisterre Tour
Muxia Sanctuary
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Yesterday I had the chance to go back to the galician coast, but not every kind of coast. I went guiding a group of cool three american ladies, Carol, Heidi and Karen, who just arrived from the one month #CaminodeSantiago experience, to #Muxia and #Finisterre. Both places have their own soul and deep significance. Muxia for its strong religious side; the place is associated to the arrival of Saint James and Saint Mary appearance to him. The Sanctuary, the rocks and the waves put everybody in a very unique  spiritual mood.
#CapeFinisterre is the pagan reference; the place that got the name from the Romans, where an altar dedicated to the sun was created, the Ara Solis.  The 0 km for any pilgrim..The real moment to start a new life.

Touching places in a magic land.

Muxia lighthouse

Muxia sanctuary
Muxia sanctuary
people in muxia


sunset costa da morte
the Finisterre lighthouse
the Finisterre lighthouse

Contact me to enjoy these touching  jewels of the galician coast for a customized visit.


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