Summer is round the corner and although it’s definitely not something new, I find pretty..fascinating how Pop Music Festivals these days are helping particularly new bands to become popular after the streaming help (yes, they do help) of streaming companies like Spotify and Itunes. And giving benefits to Tourism industry too.     I have to admit that

  By these  images shot by me last year  and video( thanks to O Camiño dos Faros association) you can see the new experiences we have in store for you in this 2018! The Atlantic Route of the Lighthouses known here in Spain as El Camino de los Faros is a brand new entry in

  As part of the programme Aqui Galicia centered this week on the Camino de Santiago walked by galician artists Lucia Pérez and Tonhito de Poi there is a 2 hours show. During the event I talk from different spots about the Camino de Santiago throughout the centuries.

For many visitors, once visited Santiago there is more and more a strong interest towards the galician Coast. Not the classic one though where we go sunbathing and swimming. Galicia offers the chance of extraordinary spots in what just from early XX century was described as the Coast of Death… Throughout the years I went

  Galicia: exploring the crossroads of spanish and celtic culture  An interesting article from  Lonely Planet magazine. To guide you the areas related with the Celts as well as the Romans in Galicia, please do write me to Celtic villages, dolmen and petroglyphs are here for you to discover. The oldest rpman lighthouse in

Thanks to a friend of mine, Jesus Martinez, I have really enjoyed the experience to show some visitors the history of Pablo Picasso in Coruna, from 1891 to 1895.Some may think that at nine years old a boy may not have clear his ideas about his life and life, but here we go..

These days Santiago shows its beauty that has no season..Come to Santiago and enjoy the fascinating nature..the colors of the camelias in the trees..the smell of hot chocolate and churros.. Contact me for a Santiago City Tour ! Call or Whatsapp +34667435981 Facebook or Instagram